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Darum geht es in The Wire Loop Game VR

If you are having controller tracking problems (e.g. If it touches the wire, then the buzzer will sound and you will fail. The aim of the game is to guide the metal hoop along the length of the wire without it touching. To try and solve this you can try changing the height of a particular wire to see if that makes the problem go away. It requires the HTC Vive and one motion controller to play it. The Wire Loop Game VR brings this traditional well known game into virtual reality. WARNING. jumping / drifting), then this is most likely caused by your body blocking one or both of the lighthouses from the controller. You will also need a steady hand as shaking may cause you to fail. You can adjust the height of the wire by sliding a control on the table, in order to accommodate different player heights and preferences. There are 50 wires to complete and when you have completed them all, you will unlock the achievement. In this version of the game there is also a time limit to complete the wire in. If that fails then you may need to check the setup of the lighthouses to confirm they are in the optimum position. This game may be the most frustrating game you have played in VR. This game will require extreme concentration, focus and dexterity in order to complete all the wires.
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The Wire Loop Game VR by  Screenshot
The Wire Loop Game VR by  Screenshot
The Wire Loop Game VR by  Screenshot
The Wire Loop Game VR by  Screenshot
The Wire Loop Game VR by  Screenshot