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Darum geht es in The Underground Man

Survivors are living a savage lifestyle. -Mercenary-girls that will help you during your journey. -Extremely detailed characters. somewhere in the near future. The times have changed and it is time for you to make your own journey into the big world. -A unique system of character development. Moreover, you will be responsible for provisioning your fellow brothers and sisters, who are staying underground. they kill each other, they rob each other, they eat and rape each other (sometimes both at the same time). “The underground people” is how they referred to themselves and you are one of them. Features of the game include. Moscow. The city and perhaps the Earth's surface has turned into a radioactive ash. -Enjoyable retro-graphics. Those who decided that they could not exist in such conditions began to live under the ground. you write it yourself and it is applied to your adventures. Your objective is to prove to them that you do indeed exist and that you also possess the ability to adapt to the extreme conditions of the wild radioactive desert. And a lot more. -A cozy bar as a location. The biggest problem is that the people on the surface do not know about your existence. They have heard about “underground people”, but they consider those rumors to be fiction. -A post-apocalyptic theme.


The Underground Man by  Screenshot
The Underground Man by  Screenshot
The Underground Man by  Screenshot
The Underground Man by  Screenshot
The Underground Man by  Screenshot