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Darum geht es in The Last

Better Update. A much bigger world. Meaningful story. Quests and side quests. Challenges. A guarantee of the products development. Prettier graphics. ax , hammer , spear. More than 20 different structures/objects to be build. Additional buildings. What can you expect in later updates?. More than 30 structures. What will happen in subsequent updates ?. The game focuses on the player camp and player made buildings, as a player you will be able to build plenty of different structures to suit your needs on this lonely island. Co-op mode. The Last is a survival game with a twist, Your main objective is to stay alive and making your camp bigger. Demanding opponent. There are plenty more to the game than just this though, You need to worry about Hunger, Thirst and fatigue to be able to stay alive. What can be expected in the next update ?. Type tools.
Mateusz Kuliś


The Last by  Screenshot
The Last by  Screenshot
The Last by  Screenshot
The Last by  Screenshot
The Last by  Screenshot