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The task is quite simple as in all the runners. It is to fly as long as possible, but it's not just easy. – Challenge yourself. – A colorful and living graphics. In addition to the standard game modes, you can improve your pilot skills by completing various missions at the Academy. – Your airplane is a reflection of you. Choose your airplane and enjoy a flight 100%. Take a journey through the boundless expanses and discover something truly new. Everything is great in this asset specially style and sounds. the fuel always ends and many obstacles arise on the way to your success. It is a new time-killer that will place you at the wheel of the airplane and open a truly beautiful and unusual world. the endless flight and the mission of the Pilot Academy will not let you get bored for a long time. from the management of a small aircraft to a large airliner.Inspired by Flight Kit(Unity Asset Store). Join the most unusual flight on Steam! Discover Sky Valley. – A lot of locations with a unique style. – Multiple game modes. You will pass all the way of a pilot. Thank you Dustyroom team, it's great work. – The incredible soundtrack will help you to immerse yourself to the atmosphere of a flight.
Evgenii Gubanov


Sky Valley by  Screenshot
Sky Valley by  Screenshot
Sky Valley by  Screenshot
Sky Valley by  Screenshot
Sky Valley by  Screenshot