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He has some gas mask which helps people to come out of the train for a while. He takes his own opinion as the only correct one and never admits his mistakes. He is always trying to find the less conflict decision for any situation. Eugeniy Konstantinovich is a really unpleasant man spreading the scent of booze everywhere. She has a pretty gentle nature, but very initiative at the same time. the train stops, the pink fog appears outside and the man who came off the train immediately dies. Trying to interfere in everything around. Nicolay takes over the leadership in the train and is trying to calm down the passengers. When the fog starts, his friend and assistant comes out of the train to see what's going on and gets suffocated. Alexander Petrovich is one of the most mysterious people on the train. You're going to work by train, but strange things happens on the way. Nikolai is very upset about his friend's death and feels guilty because he didn't stop him. Alexander is trying to get the situation under control and take down a peg everyone who is trying to interfere. Marina is an ordinary student of senior courses, going to the university. The main characters turned out to be locked in the train without any clues about what's happening.. Nicolay is a driver of a train.
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Sixtieth Kilometer by  Screenshot
Sixtieth Kilometer by  Screenshot
Sixtieth Kilometer by  Screenshot
Sixtieth Kilometer by  Screenshot
Sixtieth Kilometer by  Screenshot