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Make a splash as an underwater photographer tasked with capturing the most incredible pictures of wild sea animals. [WildTangent]. Educational photo evaluations. [Xbox Live Arcade]. size, orientation, centering, and interaction with each fish. Explore unique destinations from the colorful Coral Reef to the murky Ship Graveyard, filled with countless treasures to discover. Learn the names of each of your sea creature subjects and see how your photographs rank as you are scored on four different criteria. Discover secret routes, collect hidden items, and encounter special appearances by unique day and night creatures. Photograph the sparkling personalities of fascinating underwater sea animals to build memorable albums and your own personal scrapbook. Entice your subjects into playful poses, provoke photo-worthy reactions, and reel in those picture-perfect scores. Experience a fully interactive tutorial teaching simple step-by-step instructions on how to become a great deep-sea photographer. 60+ animated creatures. Family-friendly tutorial. Embark on a journey the whole family can enjoy in Sea Life Safari.
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