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Multiplayer. You're a screwjumper. Descend and destroy 20 mines on four different planets with six different characters, including Skruii the foreman of the Screwjumpers Union, Filch the reckless thrill-seeker, Zyree the unpredictable, Xoona the aloof, Ula the mad, and Zomar the mysterious. Destroy the mine core and jetpack out alive. Freefall into the depths of the chaotic underworld as a Screwjumper, and drive the aliens back to their home world by destroying their precious mining equipment. Single player modes. Demolish structures in freefall as you increase your destructive power by increasing your velocity. Ultimate destruction. Take the plunge in Screwjumper. [Xbox Live Arcade]. Multiple levels and characters. Chain your destruction by plunging through objects at ultra-terminal speeds. Risk your neck in four single-player modes including Destruction, Race, Time Trial, and Score. Dead screwjumpers don't get paid. Go for it. Use dynamite to pick off hazards and high value targets. Compete with your friends via split screen and Xbox LIVE multiplayer. [Microsoft].
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