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The easy-to-play game introduces new concepts to a beloved classic game style while mixing genres and utilizing the full capabilities of the Wii system, from graphics to controls. Players have a wide range of eight different air-to-air weapons and two different air-to-ground bombs at their disposal, and can attack however they choose. [Ubisoft]. Protothea is a 3D top-down vertical scrolling shooter game putting players in complete control of a last-generation spaceship via the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. [WiiWare]. so there are no predictable enemy paths, and therefore always a different game play experience. The storyline immerses players into an adventure where they need to destroy an asteroid called "Maqno 01" and sabotage the plans of a political faction called "The Core." Players quickly jump right in and guide their ship through multiple missions on futuristic planets where enemy AI is dynamic and changes based on the player's actions. In addition, there is a special power that decelerates time, allowing players to easily avoid enemy fire while they are able to move rapidly and attack enemies.
Digital Builders, Sabarasa Entertainment