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Darum geht es in Panzer Warfare

You'll always play on the new map! • Compete with players around the world! • Adjust the size of the map.• Adjust the number of bots.• For the victory get game coins.• Create your own multiplayer server.• Play online with players around the world. Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Free-For-All.• Procedural generation of the maze. a gun, a bomb, a laser, super laser, machine gun, mine, missile, guided missile.• Upgrade your tank and weapons.• The player can colorize the tank to your liking.• Play the game in offline as well as online.• Increase the level of difficulty.• The game has different game modes. The player is fierce fighting in tanks on mobile phones and tablets.You can choose from a variety of tanks of the modern era, and improving their combat abilities.• A wide range of tanks.• A wide range of weapons.
Kobra Studio


Panzer Warfare by  Screenshot
Panzer Warfare by  Screenshot
Panzer Warfare by  Screenshot
Panzer Warfare by  Screenshot
Panzer Warfare by  Screenshot