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Features. Everything in the Steam version has been improved from the controls to the graphics, we would like to think of it as Neon Shadow 2.0. • Single player campaign. Save humanity from the dark mechanoids who have taken control of your space station and soon the rest of the galaxy. Suit up and grab your shotgun. Planned additions so far are. • Old school first person shooter game-play. • LAN multiplayer death-match. Neon Shadow is a fast paced Cyber Punk FPS inspired by classic shooters. Your mission. Please shout if there are additional features you would like to see. • Cyber Punk soundtrack from Abducted by Sharks. • Multiplayer. split-screen up to 4,. chat functions, player names (over head) and Tobii support. • Online multiplayer death-match mode.
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Neon Shadow by  Screenshot
Neon Shadow by  Screenshot
Neon Shadow by  Screenshot
Neon Shadow by  Screenshot
Neon Shadow by  Screenshot