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Darum geht es in Karma Miwa

The flightless bird needs to run and jump over many enemies and obstacles on its journey home to your mate. Those keys can been remapped in the menu. However for unknown reasons, enemies are being lured and attracted the bird. While much of the basic gameplay is similar, the graphics, music and sound has been enhanced considerably and there are many newer enemy types.This. game have 3 jump buttons. The bird trek is long and full of danger.This game was heavily inspired by the classic game Snokie, which appeared on the Commodore 64 and Atari 800 back in th ’80s. Jump Left (Z), Jump Right (X) and a normal Jump (SpaceBar).
Space Fractal


Karma Miwa by  Screenshot
Karma Miwa by  Screenshot
Karma Miwa by  Screenshot
Karma Miwa by  Screenshot
Karma Miwa by  Screenshot