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[Encore Software]. AH-64A Apache, RAH-66 Comanche, PAH-2 Tiger, Ka-50 Black Shark, Ka-52 Alligator, and the Ka-58 Black Ghost. Battle heavily-armed narco-terrorists in the Caribbean, violent separatists in Eastern Europe, and Muslim fundamentalists in South East Asia and the Middle East. Lay waste to enemy tanks, tankers, bunkers, ships, helicopters, troops. Fly 6 playable helicopters. Awesome multiplayer modes ? via Internet or LAN defeat terrorists in 2-player cooperative missions or compete in 16-player death matches. Pilot six of the deadliest military helicopters on the planet in 30 levels of intense air-to-air, air-to-ground and air-to-sea combat. Command an elite squadron of the best military helicopter pilots in the world and battle a nefarious syndicate of international terrorists. Everything on screen is destructible.
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