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All of human history and beyond. Fully Persistent World. Empire Earth III lets players battle across the entire globe as they make their bid for world domination. Civilizations are divided into three factions Western, Middle-Eastern, and Eastern. Gameplay unfolds in a richly detailed Earth made up of 60 skirmish maps (provinces) representing real locations on the globe or create a randomly generated globe to conquer. The globe serves as the battleground between the 3 unique factions (Western, Middle-Eastern, and Eastern) that have been created with a stunning new artistic vision. Empire Earth III commands all. Unlike any other RTS, Empire Earth III will let players keep their spoils of war. Each faction's tech tree allows players to create completely custom civilizations of their own choosing. Their units and structures will evolve over time. You keep what you create, so long as someone else doesn't take it from you. [Sierra Entertainment]. Players can choose both the starting location and starting era. Unique Customizable Civilizations. Empire Earth III puts the EARTH into Empire Earth by introducing a spectacular global perspective to conquering the world. Across the entire globe. Each faction has its own unique tech tree, units, structures, and game play style. As the player builds their empire across the globe their cities and outposts will grow and improve.
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