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We hope you enjoy playing Dodgeball Blitz. Dodgeball Blitz is all about the action. There is currently only one gameplay mode. This is the online gameplay of Dodgeball Blitz. Sadly, Gladiator and Elimination Play Modes aren't in the current build of the game. It's up to you to choose the team that suits you and master the techniques and combos worthy to be called the best in the league. [Mac and Linux support coming soon] [Some items of importance we expected to have done for the Early Access launch build weren't able to get in due to some coding issues we have to work out. All players will have the basic mechanics of running, catching and throwing but each team also has their own special techniques to assist their teammates in one way or another. Thank you. Points Battle. We are expecting to have most of the bells and whistles available by 8:00AM tomorrow EST. We'll be adding more game modes and teams as we keep building up the game. Two teams compete to see who's the best. Points Battle. Thank you! ]. Gain points for your team by hitting opponents and catching any balls they throw.
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DodgeBall Blitz by  Screenshot
DodgeBall Blitz by  Screenshot
DodgeBall Blitz by  Screenshot
DodgeBall Blitz by  Screenshot
DodgeBall Blitz by  Screenshot