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So get ready, the sports festival is about to begin. SPORTS ISLAND 2 features a completely new line-up of 10 intuitively controlled sports. New Team & player creation features. (Also known as "Sports Island 2" in the UK/EU). Play by yourself or with others in a variety of modes. SPORTS ISLAND 2 allows you to create not only your own original teams, but your own original characters as well. Simply piece together a face outline, eyes, a nose and a couple other parts and--voila. [Hudson]. It's your own in-game persona. Depending on the sport, you can play with or against up to three other players, making for great family & friend entertainment. Whether you fancy taking on all ten sports with your 5-member team in League Mode, vying over a single sport in Tournament Mode, or configuring the game rules as you please in Open Match Mode, SPORTS ISLAND 2 has a game mode for you. Use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to dive right into the action in this sport-o-rama extravaganza.