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Versus mode. The more points earned, the more the music will be played in the player’s genre. Prove your favorite music genre is better than the opponents’. Welcome to the Battle of the Bands. Battle to the top of the charts with an array of artillery and attack styles. Music player. Blast out all 150 songs. Adventure mode. Enter into the world of musical combat where your rhythmic skills and weaponized instruments are your tools for domination. 30 licensed tracks (each in 5 genres totaling 150 songs). Rock, Country, Marching Band, Hip Hop and Ranchero. 11 unique style bands. Battle of the Bands. Compete with bands of other genres one by one all the way to the Big Boss battle. Innovative Music Switching. Heads-on battles perfect for social and party game setting. Intense Rhythm Action. Feel the rhythm by swinging the Wii-mote in sync with different music melodies. 70 special weapons and attacks/ In each game, a song will be played in one genre for about 10 to 15 seconds and then another, flipping back and forth. Explore chart-toppers mashing up in different genres. 5 music genres. Points are earned by beat-matching, and successive matches will automatically launch weapons such as smoke bombs, land mines and flip outs. Weaponized Instruments.
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