Worlds Best Skateboarders to Norwegian Island!

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July 6, 2015
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June 23, 2015

Some of the world best skateboarders are heading to the popular Norwegian holiday island, Tjøme, to skate the new ramp which is the second biggest in Europe! The event is going down Saturday 27th of June!

Nine of the skaters have previously participated in X-Games, so you can expect some world class vert skating!

Norways up and coming super star, Mats Hatlem, have already endorsed the new ramp, saying it is world class and sharing photos of it on his Instagram!

The organizers have a lot of activities planned out for the visitors and they believe Saturdays event will take the park to the next level. If all goes well even the Queen will show up. However it is still uncertain if the queen will take part in the skateschool, but if she feels like it there is classes both for girls and for grownups. And of course, for kids!

Here is the list of the skaters who are coming to Tjøme to show us how to use the new ramp:

T5Jesse Thomas(UK)
Matthew Carlisle (UK)
Mats Hatlem
Christopher Hudson (UK)
Jimmy Wilkins (USA)
Skate-Martin Haavde
Paul-luc Ronchetti (UK)
Magnus Hanehöj (SVE)
Adil Dyani
Marcelo Bastos (BRA)
Jocke Olsson (SVE)
Torill Sørlie
Jon Harald Aspheim (TELEM)
Pontus Björn (SVE)
Espen Røed Kristoffersen
Leonardo Ruiz (BRA)
Jon Levi Pedersen
Jarle Grimsland
Henry Jeries Calmeyer
Macki Vertboy (SVE)
Tor Ståhl (SVE)
Katta Sterner (SVE)
Jessica Jansson (SVE)
Fritjof Cornelius Krogvold (Konfransier)
Shareef Mason (NZ)
Ronny Backflip Thowsen

Fatstone will be there, and so should you!

Here is a video from when Tony Hawk and his friends visited Norway and skated a ramp at Aker Brygge last month: