Local Heroes Make Beirut Workout Workshop + Interview

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August 5, 2014
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Once upon a time, when things seemed to be a little less chaotic in the world (and the maximum quality on Youtube was 240p), two scrawny Norwegians set off to the Middle East to become… famous! Perhaps they were tired of living under the oppressive Janteloven, or maybe they just needed more warmth and sunshine.

What came of the quest resulted in a workout revolution. Yes, they crossed an entire country by foot, but that’s not what this is about. This is about Matias Nordahl Carlsen and Jørgen Evil Ekvoll’s Beirut Rooftop Workout Workshop videos that promise to get you fit by Christmas “without loosing face.”

We’ve tried them. And if they’re not making our abs and biceps totally ripped, they’re giving us a six-pack from laughing so hard. So we at Fatstone.TV caught up with Matias and Jørgen who are now living in Oslo to pick their brains about the stress of looking hot all the time, and how they’re fairing back in Norway.

F: Your workout tips are fantastic and locations are just as awesome! Why did you choose to make rooftops part of your workout videos?

M & J: We were on a mission to become famous in the Middle East, so we had to work out all the time to stay fit! And in order to give something back to our dedicated fans, we decided to give away some of our workout secrets. Why on a rooftop? Because it makes you feel good when you work out with a view, which gives bigger muscles. Everybody knows that.

F: Was there a lot of pressure to be fit and sexy in Beirut?

M & J: The Lebanese people like to look good, and a lot of people take to cosmetic surgery in order to look better on Instagram, so, yes, I guess you can say that we were under a lot of pressure. That’s also why we wanted to show our fans that there are alternatives to expensive cosmetic surgery. Real beauty can be achieved through hard work, at a price that even poor people can afford. All you have to do is to just “Keep F***ing Doing It”

F: According to a recent study done by Bill Gates, HALF of Norwegians are clinically overweight! Does this inspire you to help your nation out? And how do you stay in shape in Norway?

M & J: No no no no… That must be a misunderstanding. A glitch in the numbers somewhere. We all know that B.G. has a thing for big numbers. Aren’t all Norwegians going to the gym all the time, when they are not hiking? But if this bogus report turns out to be true, I would suggest that the Norwegians tune in on our workout videos right away, and if they like them, and if they will ask for more, we might consider revealing some of the secrets to how we manage to stay this ripped even during the Norwegian winters.

F: Word on the street is your fans are dying to see some more workout videos? Anything in works for the future?

M & J: We have heard about people who are tired of only doing situps and pushups, but it’s important that people know these exercises really well before they can move onto more complicated stuffs. (Jorgen has a knee injury because he started running before he had jogging really worked in).

As for the future, we have a lot of awesome and exciting stuff coming up, but we can’t really talk about it yet as our fierce opponents tend to steal our brilliant ideas. The last thing we want to see is Ylvis basking in fame and glory that was supposed to go to us.

There is a lot of stuff planned for the future, but we can’t really talk about it yet.

F: Lastly, and pardon the intrusion but, are you guys single?

M & J: We both got girlfriends shortly after we released our workout videos, so I guess we proved that our working out, worked out.